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What is Swine Flu


Swine influenza, commonly known as ‘Swine Flu’, is an infection that initially only affected pigs throughout the world. An interesting fact that many people are not aware of is that there are actually different types of swine flu, such as the swine influenza virus and Swine Origin influenza virus. Then there is the mutated strain of the swine flu, known as the N1H1 virus, or the human swine flu. The human swine flu is contagious and can be spread from one human to another. Most of time there are distinct signs that someone is suffering from swine flu, but there have also been reported cases of the disease being passed on by people who carry the virus but show no signs of being ill.

The virus can be spread when people pick up the virus through inhaling specimens from the air, after someone that is infected sneezes. Another way it is contracted is by touching a particular item or object that contains the virus and then touching their mouth or nose with the same hand.  However, the most common way to be infected from swine flu is direct contact with a pig that is suffering from the disease. One of the scariest features about virus is that it cannot be detected when it is lying idle outside a carrier and on top of that, the virus has a life of almost 8 hours. Surprisingly, reports have confirmed that the N1H1 version of the virus is not as dangerous as other the types, but it can still lead to death if not properly diagnosed or taken care of.

However, making the diagnosis that someone is infected by swine flu poses a problem in itself. Since most of the symptoms of swine flu are the same as the human seasonal flu, most people shrug it off and let it heal naturally. Even though it is possible that it will heal without taking proper precautionary measures, it is also possible that your health takes the turn for the worst. Most of the time when swine flu is detected it happens coincidently, mostly when people visit have a check for the flu. In order for the doctor to say that someone is infected with swine flu is very hard, unless the severe symptoms are visible. Therefore, the lack of knowledge and not having a vaccination for the disease, the risk of swine flu pandemic is always high. Since pigs are mostly concentrated in certain parts of the city and not many people have direct contact with them, for now the situation seems to be under control.


Symptoms of the Swine Flu

The human swine flu is also known as the N1H1 virus. It is a transformed version of the virus that affects pigs. It is considered a dangerous virus because it can lead to death, but so far, it has been kept under control mostly because pigs are not roaming freely the streets of our cities. There is still a lot of to be learned about swine flu, especially how and why it happened to mutate from a virus that only affected pigs into one that can seriously harm a human being. However, one thing that has been discovered about the virus is the similarity between the human swine flu and human seasonal flu.

The signs and symptoms of swine flu are similar in both pigs and humans. Pigs usually experience lethargy, ever, coughing, sneezing, hard time breathing and no appetite. There are cases where pregnant pigs infected by the virus had to undergo abortions. Moreover, there is also sudden weight loss and reduced growth. In human, the symptoms are much like those of the common cold and flu. The infected person might start to feel the onset of a fever and sore throat, combined with sneezing and coughing. Patients also complain of body aches, chills and headaches. It is also very common for people to get lazy, lethargic and fatigued. Moreover, recent reports have seen that vomiting and diarrhea is a prevalent symptom of the swine flu.

Most people infected with swine flu experience mild symptoms and rarely has it occurred that someone has suffered from all of the above-mentioned symptoms. These mild symptoms are not life threatening and usually subside within a week’s time. However, there are certain symptoms that can be life threatening, such as respiratory failure, which is the number one cause of death of the swine flu infected. jobs in Malaysia This virus also attacks the respiratory system, which makes it hard to breath. If the flu is not treated in time, the virus can get stronger and stronger and eventually lead to death. It has also been reported that swine flu can also lead to pneumonia, high fever, dehydration and kidney failure. All of these conditions are lethal and need to be taken seriously.  Another startling fact about swine flu is that it leads to more death amongst the elderly, sick and young children, even though this is rare, there is always a certain level of risk that exists.


Treatment for Swine Flu




Specialists still have not been able to formulate a vaccination for the N1H1 virus, but studies are being conducted about a possible cure for this lethal virus.  Moreover, doctors have even tested the normal human flu vaccinations and the effects it has on the H1N1 virus. malaysia web design The results usually end up inconclusive.  One of the most interesting features of the swine flu is that it is constantly mutating and adapting to the present environment. For example, initial records of swine flu showed that the flu was being transferred from pigs to human, also referred to as a zoonotic virus, whereas the latest outbreak in 2009, the swine flu was not zoonotic or only being transferred from human to human.

If such a virus is in question, it is close to impossible to prepare in advance for an outbreak.  Therefore, the only things doctors can do are study previous patterns, determine the changes, and use that information to formulate a cure and predict what it will do next. The alternative way to discover a vaccine that might work is by using a strain of a virus that is currently circulating. However, it is extremely difficult to get a hold of the strain because it almost close to impossible to detect. Rf test socket However, there are certain medications that infected people can take to effectively treat the virus. They are known as amantadine and remantadine, and those that inhibit the influenza such as oseltamivir and zanamivir. Most people already have an idea about these medications because they have probably used them at one time or another to cure the seasonal flu. Most cases that used these medications were able to recover completely without having to seek out additional medical care.

You can take certain steps to keep yourself protected from the swine flu. Firstly, you need to regularly keep your hands washed with soap because this reduces the chances of you inhaling any strain of the virus if present on your hand. Pulau Perhentian Try to keep your health in top shape because as reports show, deaths are more prevalent in people who are sick or old. Exercise is also very important because that helps to get rid of excess waste from within your body. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices because it keeps you hydrated and feeling fresh.  A well balanced diet is just as important because it helps provide you all the important vitamin and minerals that your body needs.


Swine Flu Statistics

Swine flu was first reported to infect humans back in the 1950’s in the United States. Only recently has it become a more prevalent illness in the United States and in other parts of the world. The problem with why such a small number of cases were reported is that most people just did not know what swine flu was. There is no way of telling how many actual people have been infected with swine flu because the symptoms were the same as the common seasonal flu. Tioman Island There is a very strong possibility that many people who were infected by swine flu shrugged it off as a nothing more than the seasonal flu, especially since most cases of swine flu only experience the mild symptoms.

However, over the years as more information is out there and people are aware of what swine flu actually is, the total number of cases has grown exponentially. The latest outbreak of swine flu was back in 2009, which took the total number of cases of swine flu to over 44,600, in which almost 11,000 people died. suxiaolan However, some United States reports claim that the actual number of people infected by the virus is somewhere in the range of 116,000, but the total number of deaths are the same. The three states with the highest number of total of infected people are Wisconsin, Texas and Illinois, with cases ranging from 6,200 to 3,400.  Moving onto the worldwide numbers, there have been over 1.5 million total cases to date, with over 25,000 deaths. web designer As you can see the totals, percentage of deaths was far greater in the United States, as compared to the worldwide rate, which is actually a very startling rate.

Countries with the highest number of cases are Germany, over 220,000 total infected cases, Portugal has almost 167,000 total cases and China has reported 120,000 people being infected with the virus. kerja kosong Other startling details are that North Korea had the highest death rate of all countries in the world of almost 95%. There have been 50 reported cases of swine flu, of which 47 died. Whereas, Belgium had the highest recovery rate of all the countries in the world that have reported swine flu cases of almost 99%. The numbers are actually very shocking and should make us believe that swine flu has become a real problem that needs to be solved. Otherwise, these numbers will only increase.

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