GOOD NEWS!!! We Are Reaching Critical Mass ! This is all about a Consciousness Shift. It is said that the 30% level represents a tipping point. Things move slowly until the critical mass reaches 30%. After it reaches that point, things start taking off on their own—almost impossible to stop, especially when fueled by Passion and Truth and an Overwhelming Benefit to Mankind. 30% of British nurses refuse to take the Swine Flu Vaccine while 50% of New York Health Care Workers oppose the Swine Flu Vaccine. This issue is about to blow wide open. Just let them try to stop this runaway train of vaccine resistance—even with their billion dollar media propaganda !!

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Alright. Absolutely No time to Waste. Let’s Do This !

First Critical Step

Understand what you’re fighting for. Quickly, take at least 3 minutes to familiarize yourself with the issue of vaccinations and why they are NEVER a good thing! This article is guaranteed to “Blow Your Mind”. This will help you to leap frog right over all the double talk ‘authorities’ like to throw out concerning vaccinations. They are poison, period! ALWAYS! And this webpage that we are sending government officials to, lays out the current Swine Flu situation very clearly from start to finish.

After you’re clear on that, jump in and get busy with whatever resonates with you. Loads of Power Tools to play with below!


Avert Martial Law with ProAction !

Now All Sheriffs can read Sheriff Mack’s Book! We need YOU to get it to them!

We’ve put together a strong letter as well as a special website where they may read the book directly online as well as discover “anti NWO” Officer McLamb and the Oathkeepers ! Phew. We’ve been busy.

Guys, if we don’t befriend the sheriffs immediately, they may be used against us. Let’s not go there.

Click Here to Save Your Country and Avert Martial Law!

“The Shot Heard Round the World”

Play a Role in the Global Revolution “The Shot Heard Round the World” — A play on words referring to the first shot which sparked the American Revolution for the Fight for Freedom.

Encourage Global Politicians To ‘Do the Right Thing’
Several hundred Public Officials from around the globe have already been alerted. See their pics here. Several thousand would be ideal! We are encouraging them to stand up against the Darkness, likewise letting them know they will be held personally liable and criminally culpable for any vaccine injuries or deaths within their jurisdiction as they continue on in complicity.

In light of the evidence we provide them, their unwillingness to act to stop this agression constitutes gross negligence which is, sadly for them, convictible.

Again, this is all about a consciousness shift. We have already collected many fax numbers for you to use. Fax off 1000 politicians in half an hour. How? Click here. We also have many email addresses for use.

Sending this Strong Letter

Start a Chain Email

There’s no faster, easier way to spread the word (and shift the consciousness) than via a chain email. Copy and paste THIS into an email and send off! Don’t delay. There are lives to be saved and this is an easy way to enlist more troops to the cause!

Insert a Splinter of Doubt

Eye Catching Poster for College Campuses, Community Bulletin Boards, Busstops, Back Window of your car?

Quick Way to insert that splinter of doubt into the mass public consciousness.

Print right off your computer. Put 16 of these into a 4 x 4 block formation on a city wall and it will catch some attention even from a distance. Get creative. This is a propaganda war!

Want to Reach Oprah?

(for only $20?)

Gayle King is Oprah’s confidante and tells her EVERYTHING! Gayle has a live Radio show each weekday. Dr. Oz has a new show that he records on the same block as Gayle. We’ve got their studio addresses. Want to get to Oprah? Get to these two people and Oprah will get the message. Oprah communicates to millions of people worldwide. It is imperative we shift her consciousness!

Join us in Sending Multiple bouquets of Flowers to these Key Media Personalities. Addresses and potential message is HERE. 5 bouquets each should catch their attention. Check to see if we’ve reached our goal, yet.

Flyers—Massive Awakening Going On!

Join the ranks and drop off a stack of these Catchy Flyers (fliers) at your Health Food Store. They will be very thankful! If you’re a college student drop off in the Student Union. College Campuses should be flooded with these!

People are really responding to this flyer that spells it all out in about a 2 minute read. Most of us who are handing out flyers face-to-face are having truly spiritual experiences with complete strangers who thank us deeply for sharing this most critical information with them. Truly Beautiful.

Multiple languages are available. see here

No Better Way to Stay Connected

Keep up to date at Jane Burgermeister’s website. She has set up an “activism” section at her Forum specifically for us to use as a place to meet up with other activists from around the world. Questions and ideas and inspirational success stories can be posted there. And of course, she always has up-to-date information on the ‘Swine Flu Front’ directly at the home page.

How to Survive Swine Flu Pharmageddon

Also, it seems prudent to insert this short video which is helpful for anyone who feels fearful of the virus itself. There are natural ways to deal with a virus so take these simple suggestions to heart. Never fear a fever. NEVER medicate a Fever! Fever is your friend. Just feed it plenty of water and let it take it’s natural healing course to heal you. More tips in the vid. I would like to remake this vid in my spare time (big laugh) but it’s the best I’ve got for right now. And “NO”, I’m not selling anything! as some have laughingly accused me. The Healing Praxis series is 100 % FREE to view at your leisure. My humble contribution to mankind (Kind Man).

If can’t view, the link is here

There is no subject more powerful to crack people’s minds wide open to the whole evil global agenda than this Swine Flu Vaccine ‘pogrom’. This issue is waking people up with lightning speed so let’s take full advantage of that and just like a martial arts master, use their own mass against them!! Don’t leave this site without doing at least one of the simple steps above. It may just save your life and everything you cherish.

My Spiritual Response to the Doom and Gloom Video that went “Viral”

If your browser doesn’t show the video, watch here.

There are many ways to stop this madness. Grab some tools below (same as above) and Get Busy!

Send out this Chain Email. This enlists more troops!

Hand out Flyers. At least drop a stack off at your local health food store! Several languages available.

Post these small Posters around College Campuses! Busstops! Community Bulletin Boards! Anywhere to insert that splinter of doubt into the minds of the public !

Fax Global Government Officials holding them personally liable for their complicity with the devastating plans. I smell a new Nuremberg Trials in our near future. We are coordinating the list now. This is a very strong letter, that deflects the fear right back at them. We have many fax numbers already gathered for your convenience. Many Global Officials have already been put on public notice via certified letters. We are sending them to the provocative website that exposes it all: Check it out. You will see the impressive guest list of public officials that have already been notified. Truly, the emperor has no clothes! We must keep pushing. Get them on the back foot. Very powerful. Trust me. Okay, Click here if you want to do this step.

Faxtoberfest. Fax Campaign to US County Sheriffs informing them of the perilous situation. I highly recommend you read this letter to see if it doesn’t inspire you to send it off. The fax numbers are already gathered, listed by state. You could fax all 3000 sheriffs in about half an hour with the approach I outline. This is a very critical step as you certainly must know. The letter sends them to this special website created just for them. There, they can read Sheriff Mack’s notorious book, America’s Last Hope as well as get a quick understanding of the dangerous nature of this H1N1 vaccine. Guys, if we don’t befriend the sheriffs, they may be used against us. Let’s not go there. Again, click here if you want to do this step.

Send Flowers to influential media personalities. The first two on the list are Gayle King (Oprah’s confidante) and Dr. Oz. You know that Gayle tells Oprah EVERYTHING!!!!!! and Dr. Oz has a brand new show and is sympathetic to natural medicine. I’ve collected their studio addresses already. I even provide a suggested message to be attached to the flowers. Flowers are a smart way to get a message thru to someone who is otherwise isolated from the public. I think you can send a basic bouquet for $25. Five bouquets each should definitely catch their attention, wouldn’t you agree? Okay, click here to take part in this fun step and check to see if other new media personalities have been added.

Important!! Jane Burgermeister (famous for filing criminal charges against WHO and UN for plans of Global Genocide) has specifically set up an ‘activism’ section for us at the forum. The idea is to post all positive activism under the activism section in the forums. Time to rewrite their bad news plans with our good news plans. Any and all good news regarding the people’s fight against vaccinations needs to be highlighted there. Then she will pluck some of those stories to feature on the front page. This encourages others to get motivated and active. Please consider this small yet crucial step every time you see, read, or hear anything encouraging regarding our mission to end all vaccinations!! I have posted much inspiration there already. more to do. She, too, calls for a Peaceful Revolution. This is how we do it!!

Remember Who We’re Fighting For!!

Hold tight to the faith that we, acting for what is right, have the power to overcome a small handful of thugs acting for what is dreadfully wrong. The masses are stuck in the middle acting simply out of ignorance. It’s our job to inform them and let this very provocative information continue spreading like wildfire. We will soon overtake the masses. Trust the process. Keep soldiering on and we will win!

Oh, and while your printing flyers or posters or faxing you might enjoy listening to this inspirational song to send you out of this world with energy!!

InformaciĆ³n en espaƱol

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Peace to all Mankind.