Academic Researchers Who Refuse to Apply Their Knowledge

Far too many academic researchers study some esoteric niche as if trying to decipher the head of a pin, and yet, with all this vast knowledge they gain, they often fail to ask the questions which can lead to breakthrough applications of their work.

Not long ago, I was discussing this issue with a Chinese Scientist, Guang Wu, who was studying the correlation between climate cycles and warming periods with mutations and evolution of Influenza Type A strains, like the Swine Flu outbreak that turned pandemic in Mexico City, and then subsequently spread Worldwide.

After asking him questions, I noted that he spends so much time in the lab, that he had not thought about the applications of the knowledge that he has found and he stated; “I am sure a slow-thinker [methodical], because for any new problem I need a quite lot of time to think.”

Whereas, this makes sense, as a non-academic, I almost wanted to say; “No, that’s not fair. You should know your industry, field, areas of science better than anyone else,” but then I realize how often find researchers in seminars, unable to consider my questions. Still, in my industry and area of expertise, I’ve never been at a loss for potential answers in any of my areas of study.

Indeed, it is my contention that researchers can answer such questions, and/or ought to be able to give it a good guess (with the caveat that it is speculation), or make a new hypothesis. Why? Well, because it could lead to a new research paper or new scientific breakthrough. In this particular case, I would ask;

Why not take one or more of these questions and consider their value, the value of their answers to humanity, the human species, and the world. Knowing the answers might one day save the world. But if we do not search, we may be too late in that time of need. Push yourself forward, and give full efforts. Please consider this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow thinks that to find answers you must ask questions and thus, he wants you to seek answers when choosing a contractor for home improvement. Countertops.

17 Sep 2014, 5:05pm
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So, What’s New?

What’s new?

“Funny how the new things are the old things.” – Rudyard Kipling

In addition to Swine flu, the N1H1 virus and the other myriad illnesses and maladies folks suffer from these days is another – neophilia – defined by Merriam-Webster as “love of or enthusiasm for what is new or novel.” Most folks have some element of neophilia in their personality and some degree of neophilia makes the economy run and spurs innovation, but it seems that more and more folks are suffering from an incurable and deadly strain of the “need for something new” disease.

While neophilia is not a new disease, it seems more and more folks suffer from it – the obsession, preoccupation and intense need to experience whatever is NEW. Recent Japanese research shows that for some reason the word “new” arouses a part of the brain as does an addiction disorder.

From clothes, cell phones, food, TV fare, and cars, to religious and spiritual practices, to leadership and management approaches, to ways of relating (social networks?), to beer with vitamins (hmmm), folks seem to be obsessively attracted to the new and improved. The curious question, of course, is why?

Many folks erroneously equate new with value (not valuable but value). Advertising, marketing and commercialism, and a lineage of folks in families which worship new, have brainwashed a vast majority of folks into believing that new is always better, more important, of greater quality or of greater value. Is that the truth?

Folks who have grown to be obsessed with, and steeped in, commercialism and consumerism gravitate toward the new.

And, there are those who are taken in by the “new.” Many folks, even cultures, honor, value and appreciate the old because the old is not simply “old” but because the old possesses a sense of character, symbolic value and a connection to wisdom. While the new is often fleeting, ephemeral, and tends toward quick “value evaporation,” the old serves a deeper, more grounded way of maintaining relationships and connections with history, time, people and culture.

It’s readily evident that much of modern life lacks soul, lacks a deeper, core connection that we knew as value. Today’s value is much more superficial, meaning-less and soulfully lacking. Today’s value is more about appearance rather than substance, the external devoid of the internal, the surface image as opposed to intrinsic worth, and all too often net worth is the imposter for self-worth.

Many today view their world with their eyes wide shut, with a soul that’s been blinded. The fact is that it’s not about new vs. old, but about moving beyond the superficial and appearances. When we spend time connecting with our life ­ our relationships and our possessions ­ from a soul perspective, a place of centeredness, quietude and depth, then we can orient to the world in a way that truly allows us to discern what’s true and real. When our physical eyes connect to our soul, a genuine intelligence arises that allows us to look deeply as we seek to know the true value and worth of every person and every thing that is part of our personal experience.

The underlying pleasure of the soul for that which is fresh, creative and vital has been usurped by the shallowness of novelty, and the attendant brain-washing for what is “new,” “improved,” “hot” and “must have.” Orienting to our world from a soul perspective guides us to look through the hollowness and fakeness of image, appearance and hype. From this place, we have the possibility of experiencing the true substance, value and meaning not only of our own life but the lives of others – at work, at home, at play and in relationship.

So, some questions for self-reflection are:

What value do you experience from the material possessions and the people in your life? What fads or trends or “new” do you track regularly? What “new” does not have any charge for you? How do you feel when you do this inquiry?

What things and people in your life possess true and real character, uniqueness and soul? Is this exploration easy or difficult? Why?

What aspects of your life at work, at home and at play are wrapped in the superficial? How dos this affect your relationships?

Does constant obsession with the new ever get old? Honestly.

Do you ever feel lacking, deficient or “out of the loop” because you don’t have the newest? How so?

Do you ever feel shallow, or worthless or value-less?

What was “new” like when you were growing up?

“Know thyself,” said the old philosopher, “improve thyself,” saith the new. Our great object in time is not to waste our passions and gifts on the things external that we must leave behind, but that we cultivate within us all that we can carry into the eternal progress beyond.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton


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Technology and Celebrities in 2010

Technology and celebrity maintain a close relationship together. Technology spreads the fame of stars and stars help technology develop at its top. As 2010 comes to a close, many magazines have released the top bing searches for this year. If the topical items of 2009 is “Swine Flu” and “Stock Market”, this year rankings reflect the popularity of celebrity news. The most searched terms are Kim Kardashian by 20% of search and Sandra Bullock as second most popular term. Needless to say, many celebrities embrace social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook while others are excited about new products like gadgets from iPod, iPhone or BlackBerries.

Here is a look back at celebrity and technology moments of 2010 – both worst and best.

Stephen Colbert brings an iPad to the Grammy Awards three months before Apple\’s tablet is available in the market.


An Apple store employee in New York has accused Richard Belzer of harassing her when he was asking for help at the store. Later, the “Law & Order” star is vindicated by the security video.

Justin Bieber was exploited vulnerably on YouTube resulting in nasty comments following some videos of the singer.

Lindsay Lohan informs her failed court-ordered drug test on Twitter.

Singer Ashley Tisdale and soccer player David Beckham promote Microsoft’s motion-controlled Kinect for the Xbox game.

Singer Katy Perry accuses Microsoft for being cheap when the launch of Windows Phone 7 does not offer any open bar to participants.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are both excited about the latest in computer peripherals and other gadgets showcased at the annual CES conference in Las Vegas

Actor Jason Bateman was reportedly impolite when cutting a crowd of 2,000 people waiting in line at a Los Angeles Apple store to purchase for a new iPhone 4. Jason Bateman later apologized for the action via Twitter.

Cameron Diaz is concluded as the Web\’s most dangerous celebrity. According to the research by McAfee, searching for her images and videos of Cameron Diaz will lead to malicious Web pages.

“The Social Network” filming about Facebook hits the theater in October. Interestingly, the main actor Eisenberg has not used Facebook.

On the funeral of actor Tony Curtis, he was buried with his favorite possession: an Apple iPhone.




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I am a web developer. I love technology and have a passion of writing articles about technology news, especially new products.

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The United States Into Canada Found 6 Cases Of Public Health Emergencies

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Proxy Director of Bethel 26, announced that New York City and Ohio, respectively, as confirmed cases and one case of 8 Swine flu Patients, the pigs in the United States Influenza The total number of patients has reached 20. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano announced the same day, the United States into the public health emergency.

At the same time, Canada’s eastern and western Nova Scotia, British Columbia were also confirmed in four cases and two cases of swine flu.

Day before, Gibbs said the White House spokesman, had just returned from Mexico with President Obama “good health”, without any symptoms of swine flu. It is reported that Obama’s visit to Mexico this month during the anthropologist Felipe in Mexico? Solis, visited the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Just a week later, the expert on sudden death, followed by news that the man died of “flu”, a statement that the United States of “serious concern.”

Bethel in the White House press briefing that the U.S. distribution of swine influenza patients are: California, 7 cases, 2 cases in Kansas and New York City, 8 cases, 1 case of Ohio, Texas, 2 cases . He said that although the United States and Mexico were infected with the influenza virus strains of the same pigs, but surprisingly, the United States are relatively mild condition of the patient, but there are people killed in Mexico. With the screening of the depth, the United States may find more of the virus.

The same day, Canada Nova Scotia public health department officials said the province’s four cases of confirmed cases from the same private school students, these students, aged between 12 and 18 years old, had first arrived in April of this year Mexico travel. It is reported that the swine influenza infection less severe, are recovering. Since the recent outbreak of swine flu epidemic in Mexico has been across Canada have taken a variety of early warning measures. Canada’s Foreign Ministry said that the Canadian government has formed an emergency response to the Commission, pay close attention to the latest outbreak of swine flu.

Southern neighbor the United States, Mexico is now the swine flu epidemic in the hardest hit. Mexico Ministry of Health’s latest epidemic report, Mexico has 81 suspected patients died of swine flu, since the April 13 first case of human infection with swine influenza cases to 25 major hospitals of Mexico has received a total of 1324 suspected cases of people. The last 24 hours, only the capital Mexico City alone there are five dead pigs suspected influenza patients (the total number of deaths rose to 15).

Mexico City mayor suggested that local residents not to enter the Chapultepec Park and San Juan Park two normal people are used to walking a large leisure park, to reduce the possibility of cross infection. He said the city decided to suspend the temporary capital of the Supreme Court and the tribunal’s activities, since April 27 to May 6, the city has the legal proceedings in civil and commercial trial will be suspended, only to keep criminal activities. The official also appealed to the public, the event of a flu signs and symptoms should seek medical care immediately.

New York City confirmed eight new infections were in Queens, a private middle school students. Over the past few days, which more than 100 high school students travel to Mexico after the city of Cancun Resort fever, sore throat and other symptoms, including 8 suffering from Type A influenza, the U.S. CDC to their virus samples to test confirm that they have been infected. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that relevant departments on more samples are tested to determine if more students infected with the swine flu.

With the swine flu outbreak, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the United States into 26 public health emergency. It is learned that this is a response to such incidents “standard procedures”, the president took office in January, and a few months ago during the Minnesota, North Dakota, during the floods, authorities have declared a state of emergency. The future, from the swine flu has been found in patients with regional visitors may be asking health, suspected symptoms of swine flu appeared visitors will be isolated.

Concerned that the swine flu outbreak in the United States will not restrict entry of foreign tourists, but some visitors may be asked to undergo the relevant tests.

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Influenza | Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies for Infectious Disease

Both Relenza and Tamiflu are medications prescribed for the treatment of Influenza A and B. They have been seen to be effective against the fight against swine flu. For the present, before the swine flu vaccine is put out on the market, Relenza and Tamiflu will remain the two medications in use by the doctors to help treat the various symptoms associated with swine flu. Both antiviral medications are in great demand across the world for the treatment against swine flu.


Symptoms of influenza


The infection is sometimes confused with common cold but its symptoms are more severe than typical sneezing. Infection of influenza lasts for about a week and sometimes more. It is characterized by sudden onset of high fever, muscle ache, feeling chills, body ache, headache, severe malaise, sore throat, rhinitis and non-productive cough. Dizziness and loss of appetite is another cause of influenza. Sometime vomiting, weakness and ear pain can prove associated symptom of influenza.




The flu virus travels in air droplets when any infected person sneezes. One can easily inhale these droplets and affected by disease. You can even pick up the germs by sharing things with the infected person such as telephone, towel, computer keyboard etc.




The main thing to keep away from flu is to get a yearly flu vaccine. Whenever you get the flu, your health care provider may prescribe medicine to help your body fight the infection and lessen symptoms. You can do some practical ways to prevent the spread of influenza. You should wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Don’t pick up the used tissues as this may lead to infection. Never share utensils and towels with infected person; infection may travel through this way. You should cover your nose and mouth at the time of sneezing as the inflectional bacteria travels in the air and can cause another person.


Home Remedies


Lastly, you need to follow some effective home remedies for the influenza symptoms. First, you need all the bed rest you can get in order to recuperate from the illness without difficulty. It is also imperative to boost your immune system by taking nutritional supliments and or citrus fruits and juices. Water also serves a vital role in your treatment. Also, you have to comply with the treatment course of therapy given by your physician. If you strictly implement all these, you will be sure a safe recovery from the influenza disease.


Find powerful herbal remedies

Swine Flu Remedies


Scientists believe that when the cause of influenza is a strain of the virus that the cells of the immune system have not been exposed to before, symptoms are more severe. The different viruses can cause symptoms ranging from cold-like ailments to severe headache, high fever, extreme fatigue and severe body aches. In the case of the Spanish flu, scientists believe that the viruses infected the lungs quickly and that, the immune system responded slowly (because it was a new strain), resulting in severe viral pneumonia and many deaths. The symptoms of pneumonia include chest pain and coughing up phlegm that is tinged with blood. In the case of the Spanish flu, many people who died experienced severe bleeding or hemorrhaging of the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs.

Cold and Flu General Body Weakness also more read on

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Staying Healthy in College Dorms – 9 Steps That Work

Increased exposure to a greater number of people puts college coeds at greater risk for contracting contagious diseases. And the most recent step by college officials to quarantine students on campus because of a Swine Flu outbreak is a scary example of how fast an airborne or contact disease can spread. Here are a few effective tips towards staying healthy, yet still being able to enjoy college dorm life.

1. Disinfect frequently used surfaces regularly. This should include door knobs, draw pulls, TV remotes, computer keyboard and mouse, phone, iPod, Blackberry, laptop, and other hand held devices.

Your normal routine of opening and closing doors, books, desks, chairs collects a ton of germs on your hands. If you then talk on you phone while using your hands to eat a snack, you’ve just transferred a lot of potential harm from outside to inside your body.

2. Avoid those who are coughing or sneezing.  This is particularly good advice for you if they are not covering their mouths. One of the ways the Swine Flu virus spreads is when droplets from the infected host are inhaled by others; and these droplets can travel as far as 6 feet.

3. Be fussy about who you allow in your room. If you have a sick friend, invite them back when they are well rather than let them come into your area while they are obviously still contagious.

4. Wash your hands frequently. With all the modern technology, this old-fashioned, low tech piece of advice still works to combat germs. Lather up well, and sing the Happy Birthday song to make sure you’ve washed long enough to kill the germs.

5. Invest in hand sanitizer. For those times when hand washing is not possible, keep some in your back pack, car, your friends’ car, and your room. Offer it freely to help those you come in closest contact with to stay healthy. Always use it before using your hands to eat, after sneezing, or blowing your nose.

6. When you are ill stay put. Pampering yourself with plenty of rest and fluids, and limiting your exposure to others will get you back on track faster than toughing it out which will lower your resistance even more. If you are not better pretty quickly, and are experiencing symptoms that seem out of the ordinary, seek professional help fast.

7. Carry a small pack of tissues with you. Use them to cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing. This will keep your hands cleaner, making you less contagious. Dispose of the tissues immediately. Empty the trash can frequently and avoid touching them again when you dispose of them.

8. Change the air in your room. Air can easily become stale, and letting new air in and the old air out can keep airborne pollutants from accumulating. This is only an option

9. Invest in a dorm room air purifier. A small, portable, light weight, but heavy duty air purifier in your dorm room can work 24 hours a day to remove airborne pollutants. Bacteria and viruses as small as .3 microns as well as odors, and particulates can be constantly eliminated whether anyone is there or not. Keeping the air clean keeps resistance high, and if you do encounter a brush with the flu, your body will be more able to fight it off.

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Fulfilling Your Branding Needs With Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is one of the easiest ways to repel the prevalent atmospheric infection, which prove to be miraculous at places where water and soap are unavailable. Promotional Hand Sanitizers offer its consumers, a safe and convenient way to fight various ailments like swine flu and other parasites while promoting your business, organization or team. If you, being the administrator prefer to update your clients and promote your product at wider level, then these handy and easy to carry products are the best solution. So, if you really want to approach every segment of awareness for your new launch, then hand sanitizers can be the products worth trying.

Why try a different approach with hand sanitizers?

Traditional ways of making consumers aware of your new launches and your brand name includes putting roadside hoardings, television advertisements or even circulation of article. However, all these options do not have a big name associated with them and the products win faith of people at a moderate level.

If you proceed with a different approach like having a small logo of your trading company on a handy promotional product, it can ensure you economical and strategic promotion. In addition, the administrator has the option to customize the print design for the logo or customized message, which will be glued directly on the label. So, these hand sanitizers can become promotional items for your company that too at a competitive rate.

What all you can do with hand sanitizers?

Now, an obvious query must be poking in your mind, that is, how can a hand sanitizer assist in boosting the profitability of your company?

Imagine, what else can be a better way to tell your clients that how much you care for their well being? Gift them personalized hand sanitizing products. These merchandises are self explanatory from their effect and make, proving themselves as a virtue of anticipation and an easy source for mobile advertisement of your brand. Apart from this, it can be given to everyone, as it is a product that finds an easy fit in their busy life. Enhancing the exposure and realization for the brands name in the market is a matter of biggest challenge and a daunting task for any organization. A prolific chance for your establishment in the market almost depends upon how you promote your merchandise in the market. If same dilemma is tickling your mind, then promotional hand sanitizers can be the best solution for you.

Helps in Winning Trust

Usually, hospitals and health centers are the places where you can find major use of hand sanitizers, but to your amusement it is a fact that these products work significantly in every environment. Viruses risk the lives of individuals that are exposed to infected atmosphere, especially those who work in congested areas. Opting for this type of promotional item not only prolifically affect your marketing strategies, but also increase your branding amongst all the aforesaid segments, thereby availing you an opportunity to target max of potential customers. However, before you go in for using these products for marketing, it becomes mandatory to consider the size and consider your budget.

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Vision Shopsters:Infectious Disease Diagnostic Markets

The ubiquity of infections makes thier detection a healthcare priority and an ongoing opportunity for IVD companies. The aging of the population, and emerging threats – MRSA, swine flu, and others have had an impact on this market recently and will continue to in years to come. Kalorama Information has been observing diagnostic markets for over a decade and has assembled in this report, Infectious Disease Diagnostics, Kalorama Information has assembled its best primary and secondary research.

This report focuses on products used for the diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections. The major consideration is given to bacterial infections because (a) they are the most frequent type of infections, and (b) the practical aspects of diagnosis and therapy are more meaningful based both on medial considerations and on market considerations. On the other hand, viral infections are becoming of greater importance due to (a) the discovery of new viral infections, (b) advances in the development of viral therapeutics, and (c) the mutation viruses that cause drug resistance.

Included in this report:

Market Size and Forecast for (Immunoassays, Rapid, DNA, ID/MIC )

Overview of Key Infections and Their Impact on the Market

Long-Term (10 Year) Trend in the Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market

Seven Conclusions and Recommendations

Key Product Summary: Immunoassay Products, Molecular Diagnostic Products, Amplification Products

Discussion and Listing of ‘Home Brew’ Products

Discussion of Leading Competitors in the Market

Increasing Use of Non Traditional Technologies in ID (FISH, Flow Cytometry, etc.)

The Role of NAT Testing Near-Term and Long-Term

A Glossary of Important Terms

Best Opportunities for IVD Companies

Market analysis in this report considers primarily the epidemiological considerations and the sizes patient groups both in the United States and globally, where available. We have accumulated the most recent data available, understanding that virtually no organization does extensive studies on these applications on a regular basis.

As with most Kalorama reports, this is a work of both market description and analysis, along with recommendations. The analysis presented in this report is based on data from a combination of company, government, industry, institutional and private sources. It includes information from extensive literature reviews and discussions with experts in the field, including microbiologists, pathologists, hospital authorities, research scientists, business development managers and marketing managers.

In this report global (world) revenue numbers are presented based on reported and estimated manufacturer revenue.

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Recession Brings About an Increase in “Staycations” Around the World

This has led to an increase in domestic tourism in the United States, Europe and Japan.

In the United States popular “staycation” destinations are America’s national parks, particularly the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Washington DC, and Niagara Falls are also near the top of the list. The United States Department of the Interior, under the guidance of Obama appointee Ken Salazar, has initiated a fee-free weekend campaign that has increased attendance this summer at the national parks. The next one is coming up next weekend on August 15 and 16.

Washington DC tours are seeing more participants during the recession. Many vacationers have chosen to take that trip they’ve been putting off and go see the seat of Western Democracy for the first time. Travel in and out of Washington DC is available by car, plane or train and tours are relatively inexpensive. Lodging is also easy to come by and will not break the bank even for a family vacation.

Niagara Falls, ever the favorite of young couples in love, has become a vacation hotspot for both families and young single people looking to check out the hot nightclub scene on both sides of the border. You can book a Niagara Tour package now for less than what you would have paid just a few short years ago and enjoy one of the true wonders of the natural world.

Europeans are also staycationing this year as are the Japanese, who have concerns about traveling with a worldwide flu epidemic still a threat. Numbers on European tours to all of the major cities are actually up in the recession due to natives traveling within their own borders. Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and London are all experiencing an influx of local tourism this summer.

Some of the concerns about international travel are justified and others can certainly be understood in today’s unstable climate, but keep in mind that the lack of international tourists in the US and in Europe has brought prices for those vacations way down. You can book a European Tour package or Grand Canyon tour today for a rate that’s never been seen before and may never be seen again. You can stick close to home and “staycation” or you can take advantage of low prices and high hotel vacancy rates and travel abroad.

Author, Tia Jones, is a freelance writer who contributes articles on Affordable Travel Tours for Tours4Fun. For more information on how Tours4Fun can help you plan a trip to your next travel destination visit

New Psychic Predictions For 2009

The year 2009 will prove to be one of world changes, a year in which the balance of world powers shift in both subtle and obvious ways. India will continue to develop into a major world center of manufacturing and production. Contrary to many economic forecasts which predict that the economy will worsen, I feel that by the end of July 2009 there will be a stabilization of the economy. Asian markets will be less affected in 2009 by the economy than was initially feared with the exception of Taiwan.

It seems that the hardest hit market is the U.S which will continue to see the closure of many manufacturing and production facilities during 2009 and into 2010. The trend of foreign and government investment into US owned businesses will continue.

There will be a major investment or buy-out by China in the US steel industry. Gold will reach $ 1500 US per ounce by the end of 2009.

On the world stage the Middle East becomes even more unstable in 2009 and into 2010. It is very likely that Israel will launch a missile or air attack on Iranian nuclear sites by the end of July 2009. I see this event occurring without the support of the U.S. Russia sends military troops to Iran in late July or early August of 2009 and may become involved in the defense of Iran against Israeli military strikes. America’s involvement in this even remains limited until September when missile defenses are setup and manned by US troops in Israel.

The weather as always is a major concern in 2009. There will be a major earthquake in the Philippines in mid September of 2009. Several Hurricanes, at least 15 during the 2009 US hurricane season, five major hurricanes make landfalls in 2009, two in Florida, two in South Carolina and one hits Alabama. I do not predict any major earthquakes occurring in the US during 2009.

Jeffry R. Palmer is an Australian psychic who’s previous psychic predictions have included the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Hurricane Katrina, The Tsunami in Indonesia and many more. Psychic readings by Jeffry Palmer are available at: